Digital transformation marks a radical rethinking of how organizations use technology, people and processes to fundamentally change business performance.

Effective change management is imperative to making the transformation from “doing” digital to actually “being” digital.

Technology continues its march towards improving humans. And it’s not a line from a science-fiction film. Digitalization, therefore, can only be viewed as an opportunity – it automates arduous processes towards productive financial outcomes. But it can still be daunting, as most experiences are inherently inhospitable to those who need to use them.

We don’t think digital solutions should be a black box; with infinite resources that only a fortunate few can access. 

At Meta.Kraft.Labs, we educate and indoctrinate our clients to the range of paths available to organizations to unleash the power of digital transformation.

Think of all the business processes within your organization, the user experiences, the touchpoints, even the culture that has been created throughout the years your company has been operating.

Digital transformation can take any or all of these aspects, and re imagine them using digital technologies. In short, digital transformation equals change multiplied and amplified by technologies.

Digital Divide

“Organizational change is the foundation of digital business transformation”. That’s because changing the nature of an organisation means changing the way people work, challenging their mindsets and the daily work processes and strategies that they rely upon. While these present the most difficult problems, they also yield the most worthwhile rewards, allowing a business to become more efficient, data-driven and nimble, taking advantage of more business opportunities.

Accepting and moving toward digital transformation doesn’t simply mean jumping on every technological bandwagon that comes along. Doing that is like putting a bunch of cut up vegetables in a pot and calling it soup. Unless you put the right ingredients in the pot and turn on the stove, you’ll never make soup-at least not soup that anyone wants to eat. Instead, each company has to spend some time thinking about what digital transformation really means for them.

Companies need to think about transitioning core business processes and digitalizing the client/business process first. They have to think about which applications, platforms, and solutions fit into their culture, daily operations, and budget. There is unfortunately no cookie cutter solution that businesses can opt into. It’s a process that requires personalization and a knack for following trends.

Our Strategy Practice
Digital Strategy

The most perfectly crafted websites and marketing collateral are meaningless if they don't reach their intended audience. We strive to craft online campaigns that cultivate awareness, obtain measurable results and help clients achieve traction and visibility.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is a technology-driven process for analyzing data and presenting actionable information that helps executives and managers make informed, real-time business decisions using dashboards, visualizations and on-demand reports.

Process Automation

Business process automation uses technology to execute recurring tasks or processes where manual routines can be replaced. It can streamline a business for simplicity, achieve digital transformation, increase service quality, improve service delivery and contain costs.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics empowers enterprise users to transform raw, disjointed or unstructured data silos into meaningful and actionable insights that uncover hidden trends, and enables informed decision making through predictive analysis routines.

Marketing Automation

We empower your organization's promotional efforts by streamlining, automating and measuring marketing tasks and workflows that can increase operational efficiency, eliminate manual routines, convert leads to customer and grow revenue faster.

Search Optimization

Search Engine Optimization allows potential customers to find you online. Today SEO isn't about ranking for popular terms, it’s about being found when it matters. Using choice keywords, backlinks and proprietary website tweaks we get you discovered.

Consider this...


The most valuable photo company doesn’t sell cameras


The worlds largest taxi company doesn’t own any vehicles


The largest hospitality provider doesn’t own any real estate


The fastest growing TV network doesn’t lay any cable


The most valuable global retailor doesn’t carry any inventory


The most popular media provider doesn’t create any content

...all through the power of digital transformation

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