Graphic Design
Design is more than just a few tricks of the eye,'s a few tricks of the brain.
The driving force behind all our decisions is emotion and perception. It’s what makes us human. It defines who we are and how we react to different situations. Therefore perception is reality. What the customer perceives about your business, website, product, etc., is effectively what it is. No matter how you present your product as ecologically sound, your staff as friendly, your business practices as ethical; if customers perceive it differently, then the image you wish to present is an illusion. The only thing that matters is what customers perceive to be true.

The science of neuroaethetics deals with the effect of art and imagery on a neurological level, and how subtle differences in color, contrast or grading, for example, can affect the emotional reaction to – or the quality of – a piece of design.

We, as humans, respond differently to various elements of design. Different colors, shapes, typefaces – they all create an interaction of association that is individual. Therefore a skilled visual designer is one that can employ and deploy each of these elements effectively, playing into the psychology of the viewer, and inferring specific characteristics of a brand to the target audience.

Good graphic design is a highly efficient way of communicating a marketing message visually. It is not just an artwork, but something that involves an immense deal of strategic thinking. This includes factors like colors, shapes, fonts, images and diagrams, which can all graphically communicate a marketing message. It is about combining text and graphics together to communicate a consistent, powerful message.
Our Design Focus
If you knew how much work went in to it, you wouldn't call it genius.
Brand Identity

Your brand forms the foundation of an organization and we aim to form the foundation of your brand. A core concept is what makes your brand outstanding, and creating it is what makes us tick. Coherent and consistent visual identity is the foundation of trusted, professional brands, that protect integrity and market reputation.

Logo Design

If a name sets the tone and tells the brand-story, a logo is its symbol and visual statement. Your logo is the best tool for making strong first impressions. We design logos that are distinctive, memorable, and a core to a bigger system and way of thinking. Remember, a logo derives meaning from the quality of what it symbolizes, not the other way around.

Print Identity

From brochures, flyers, presentations, business cards, and letterhead to outdoor banners, event promos and product catalogues, we create a comprehensive range of print marketing collateral that authenticates your brand-identity and distinctly communicates your message to your target audience. It needs to feel and look right if it’s in print!

Digital Design

In today’s web-centric and device-driven environment, your print-design collateral needs to have a digital-counterpart that allows its message to permeate in the online realm and within a mobile medium. We engage users through interactive experiences using animated backdrops, adding a 3rd dimension to marketing and communication.

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